Frequently asked questions about the system

General questions

Who is the system suitable for?

The system is aimed at both inpatient and outpatient services as well as family nursing situations in a private home. It can be used in all areas of nursing (covering amongst others elderly care, nursing and palliative care or nursing for handicapped people).

What makes the system stand apart from the usual in-house emergency call systems?

The system is distinguished by its wide range of functions consisting of the three main functions: Fall Signal, Repositioning Signal, Virtual Zones/GPS (indoor + outdoor location), plus two additional functions covering a Rise Signal and a Mobility Log (free update planned for late 2022). An important distinguising criteria also is the form factor of the moio. It is barely noticeable and non-stigmatizing. Compared to conventional emergency bracelets, dementia patients have less desire to remove the moio because it is worn on the lower back. The system offers flexible, mobile and location-independent use. All data can also be transferred to an electronic nursing documentation or any other application in use. A connection to your call system is also possible.*Depending on the system used and the readiness of the respective provider.

What are the technical requirements?

The requirement for data transfer from the moio sensor module to the moio cloud is a sufficient cellular connection at the location of use. The further data transfer from the moio Cloud to the moio App needs an internet connection. Also, mobile devices are necessary to use the moio app. However, access to the moio app is also possible on a desktop computer.

Where do I get the moio App Business? Is there anything I need to consider?

The moio App Business can be used free of charge on smartphones or tablets with operating system version iOS 12 or Android 5.1 or higher. Please make sure that your device is updated accordingly.

Is it possible to use one starter pack for two patients?

We recommend using one starter pack for each patient. There are two moio sensor modules inside to allow for regular changes. While one moio is charging, the second moio can be attached to the patient’s body.

In what event does the caregiver receive a notification?

The functions of the system can be individually configured for each care recipient as required at any time. You will only be notified about the events that you have defined in advance. You can receive the notifications via the moio App / moio App Business on your cell phone, tablet or computer.

What happens if none of the responsible caregivers can accept the signal message?

If after 5 minutes none of the caregivers has accepted the signal message, the entire care network is informed again. This is repeated until someone accepts the signal message and looks after the person being cared for.

Patients often perceive nursing aids such as wristwatches or necklaces as a nuisance and remove them. In some cases this is done with considerable effort and risk of injury. What makes the moio stand apart?

Thanks to its thin, soft and flexible design, the moio can hardly be felt tactilely by the wearer. In addition, it is worn on the back under clothing so that it cannot be seen. As a result, it is not perceived as a foreign body and the impulse to remove it is absent. If the moio is nevertheless perceived as disturbing, it can be removed without risk of injury. The caregivers receive a message via the signal “Tragekontrolle” (wear control) as soon as the moio loses body contact.

Does wearing the moios at all times cause skin irritation on the patient's skin?

We developed the plaster version in collaboration with leading experts in wound dressing. The moio sensor module is attached to the body with a transparent and breathable foil patch with a special surface. The plaster should only be applied to intact skin. Given the Velcro system, the patch does not need to be removed from the body when replacing the moio. This means that it can be worn as gently as possible, even on sensitive skin.

The alternative: A soft fabric band is comfortably placed around the waist, holding the moio.

Are wearers under constant surveillance due to the GPS tracking function?

The position of the wearer is checked again and again by the virtual zones function. However, the data is not stored or transmitted as long as there is no need. Thus no movement profile can be created, since the location data does not reach the moio Cloud during regular operation. Location data is only transmitted if the virtual zone has been left and an intervention is necessary. As soon as the person is back in the safe area, the transmission ends.


Does the moio replace a nurse?

No. The system only transmits information about a patient’s nursing needs. This can reduce control and routine activities, leaving more time for interpersonal care. Our approach is to use technical assistance to support nurses in their core tasks, not to replace them.


How is the data transmitted and encrypted?

The data transmission from the sensor module to the moio Cloud takes place via a separate APN configuration, i.e. not via the public mobile network, but via a private subnet (transmission via 2G). Further transmission of the data takes place via a private VPN. The data transfer between the moio Cloud and the moio App takes place over the Internet with encryption via HTTPS.

How do you achieve the goals of data protection?

In the interest of data economy, only relevant information of the activated functions is transferred to the moio Cloud. The provision of personal data is limited to the minimum. For the function of the system, knowledge of the person (the wearer) is unimportant and not a prerequisite. No personal data is stored on the moio sensor module. The legal regulations of the DSGVO are implemented.

Where is the data stored?

The moio Cloud is located in a secured data center in Germany ISO IC 27001, operated according to IT-IL Guidelines, SSL encrypted.

Customer Service

How is support provided?

The introduction of the system is an ongoing project. A personal contact person will always be available to the respective facility to provide support during setup and in the event of any questions arising. A customer service hotline is available for ongoing operation.

How do I reach the customer service hotline?

For any questions, simply send an e-mail to