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Our role.

We develop networks for tomorrow’s nursing care by identifying care needs and making relevant information accessible to the entire care network. Together with our partners, we are finding new ways to unburden caregivers and give them more freedom, but above all safety. Our goal is to use innovative solutions to close gaps in care, improve the quality of care, and give people more time for each other. Nursing care faces many challenges today. By working together, we can master them.

From research project to company.

The Ahead Care GmbH

Our young company is based on many joint research projects and many years of development work. In 2023, the Ahead Care GmbH emerged from this. Together with our partners, we develop hands-on innovative solutions for the healthcare market. Our first product is the system. The digital nursing assistant supports with numerous challenges in inpatient, outpatient and family care. All functions are tested in practice and optimized together with caregivers. The result is a comprehensive digital nursing assistant.

_moi_website_icons_2_pfade Task performance

The system addresses one of the major upcoming challenges for society, in Germany as well as in all other developed countries: The care of our elderly people.

Currently, 4.1 million people in Germany are in need of care. The number will rise by over 30% by 2030. Most of them would like to be cared for at home; the principle of “outpatient care before inpatient care” is enshrined in law and in Germany has also been made more financially viable in the Nursing Care Strengthening Act II.

Demand is rising, but the potential for family care remains constant. This results in a care gap that cannot be closed by professional service providers in times of shortage of skilled workers. Currently, 40,000 nursing positions are unfilled. For every 100 vacancies, there are less than 20 applicants.

Who is going to do the work? To date, no one can answer this question!

The system starts at this point. We want to bring about change directly at the point of care. Innovative, efficient and networked.

_moi_website_icons_2_pfade Cooperation

The system monitors the condition of the cared-for person and informs the caregivers via an app as soon as action is required. It informs ALL persons in this individual network who have downloaded the moio app to their smartphone and scanned the associated code of the sensor module.

It doesn’t matter whether they are family, friends, neighbors, community nurses or caregivers; it doesn’t matter whether they are home-based, outpatients or inpatients; it doesn’t matter whether they are nurses, geriatric nurses or caregivers for the disabled.

This creates an individual care network for each person receiving care, in which different people can provide assistance as needed. This transparency leads to completely new forms of cooperation and very flexible forms of division of labor.

For example, a neighbor can help out in the event of a fall, the grandson can collect the grandpa who has run away, and the daughter or partner can carry out the repositioning during the night. Supplemented by the professional caregiver who provides basic care and steps in when no one in the family can help. Care and welfare is distributed on several shoulders and the care of the elderly can be managed collectively.

_moi_website_icons_2_pfade Quality of life

While developing the system, it was important to us that everyone involved would benefit from the application. On the one hand, we reduce the burden on caregivers. The system distributes the task to a network, and its functions eliminate time-consuming control tasks or routines. At the same time, the quality of care increases, because help can be provided exactly when it is needed. Neither too early nor too late. The system eliminates, for example, unnecessary disruptions to the night’s rest and grants more freedom to everyone.

This reduces the stress level and conflict potential for everyone involved, and improves the quality of life.

_moi_website_icons_2_pfade Ethics

The ethical aspects were an important factor already in the basic technical design. This can be seen in three aspects in particular:

1.) The “warm contact” between people is not replaced by technology, but fostered. A broader support network even strengthens the variety of social contacts, since more people are involved in the situation.

2) The sensors of the moio sensor module permanently monitor the condition of the person in need of care. It is of key importance to us that the evaluation intelligence lies with the sensor module. Only when the moio has registered an event, information will be sent to the server and will from there be distributed to the recipients. This way we reduce the stored information to the absolute necessary, everything else is forgotten.

3) The moio sensor module is worn underneath clothing, directly on the skin. It is so discreet that it will not be noticed by a third person. The wearer will not be stigmatized.

By using the system, all participants benefit from increased individual freedom, self-determination and privacy. Everyone being part of the network will experience increased social diversity and participation.

_moi_website_icons_2_pfade Economic efficiency

In order to not additionally burden people in a costly situation such as the need for nursing with high purchasing costs, we offer the system for family care in a rental model. The monthly rental fee can in Germany very often be covered by the support budget that each care allowance recipient receives.

Also, after cancallation of the rental contract, the system is simply returned to us. We take care of the appropriate recycling of materials, free of charge for the lessee.


We connect caregivers and care recipients: innovatively, digitally and efficiently.

We increase the quality of care by providing relevant information promptly and interactively for the entire care network.

Doing so, we lift off burden and create a higher level of security and freedom for everyone providing or receiving nursing care.

We dare to adopt the new and act courageously. This is based on our core values of humanity, reliability and high value. Building on these values, we implement our corporate vision.


This is what we stand for


Humanity is a core value of our corporate culture. This is also expressed in our respectful behavior and our honest interactions with one another. Our team is characterized by honest and fair cooperation as well as an open feedback culture.


Both within our team and with our customers and cooperation partners, we maintain a cooperative and trusting relationship aimed at long-term cooperation.

High value

Value is reflected not only in the high quality standards we apply to both our ways of working and our products, but also in the fact that as a company we are constantly on the lookout for solutions which generate added value for society.