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Outpatient care

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The digital nursing asistant for all-round care.

Being able to stay in one’s own home for as long as possible: This is important to all patients who receive outpatient care. It’s nice to have someone looking after the patient, even if the nurse or the family can’t be there at the moment. That’s why we developed the system. The digital care assistant can recognize the need for action as well as emergency situations and notifies the caregivers. The system creates more security in everyday nursing care and helps to lessen the burden on caregivers. People in need of nursing can thus often remain in their preferred outpatient care at home for a longer period of time.

The system

The system not only provides a higher level of security, it also reduces the burden on care services and relatives by better interconnecting all parties involved. Via the moio App Business, you can see on your smartphone if there is a need for care and can coordinate with the other caregivers. Learn more about the system now and get to know all the functions of the moio sensor module.


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One sensor module - numerous options.

Benefits at a glance.

Eine Pflegerin hilft einer älteren Damen beim Treppen runterlaufen.

Flexible task sharing

Relatives can provide some of the care themselves. If necessary, they are the first to be informed via the moio app. If they are unable to attend, the outpatient care service receives a message and can step in. This creates a flexible division of tasks for more security, increased transparency and better quality of care.

Expanding the customer base

Not everyone wants to call directly on the help of an outpatient care service. Nevertheless, most relatives are grateful for support. In these cases, the system offers itself as a true alternative. Providing this service attracts new customers and leads to additional revenues.

Improving the nursing process

The system facilitates risk assessment for nurses by providing objective values from the outset. In the further course, the generated data can be used to support the evaluation of nursing measures.

Documenting unobserved time periods

The system transfers all nursing-relevant information into the nursing documentation. For example, repositioning interval or falls. Relatives and caregivers thus receive objective values about unobserved time periods and can intervene.

Extending the outpatient care phase

The system creates security and helps to reduce the burden on caregivers. People in need of care can thus often be cared for longer in their own home environment.

Agile route planning

Messages on falls or the leaving of familiar surroundings can be recorded in the control center. This information can be used to make route planning more agile.

Perfectly integrated into your system.

The moio Cloud stands for data privacy.

The moio sensor module continuously evaluates the data of its wearer. If necessary, it transmits the relevant information to the moio Cloud. This is done via a separate secure area of the mobile network. Only data of the functions that have been specifically activated are transmitted. The moio Cloud thereupon notifies the responsible caregivers via their mobile devices. If desired, the data can also be transmitted to your electronic care documentation or another application you use. A connection to the call system is also possible. You are free to choose how best to integrate the system into your care facility.

Graphic about the data transmission of the System for outpatient care

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