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The digital nursing assistant for more quality in care.

Inpatient care takes place 24/7. The system is here to support you. The digital nursing assistant is designed to support caregivers in their nursing routines and to reduce the documentation effort. The goal is to improve the quality of care. With its numerous sensors and functions, the moio sensor module detects nursing needs as well as emergency situations. This means that caregivers can always be there at the right moment, whenever they are needed.

The system

Good nursing is centered on the individual. The flat, soft moio sensor module is worn directly on the body. It registers movements and interprets them independently. In case of acute need or emergency situations, caregivers in inpatient care are notified via the moio App Business on their mobile device. Learn more about the moio sensor module and the system now.

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One sensor module - numerous options.

Benefits at a glance.

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Less documentation work

The system development team includes experts for electronic nursing documentation. Detected falls for example this way can directly be transferred to the digital nursing documentation.

Less routine activities

The moio sensor module logs the patient's movements at defined intervals and reminds caregivers to change position if necessary. If the patient's own movements are sufficient, the repositioning action can be dispensed and the patient's sleep does not need to be interrupted.

Optimized nursing

The system facilitates risk assessment for nurses by providing objective values right from the start. Moving forward, the generated data can be used to support the evaluation of nursing measures.

A higher level of safety

Safe areas on facility grounds can be definded by using the "Virtual zones" function. If the patient leaves his or her individually designated zone, the system informs the caregiver. This facilitates the care of patients with a pronounced urge to move. Outside the facility, the location function allows to quickly find a patient by specifying his or her location.

Reliable documentation data

A continuous monitoring of the repositioning intervals provides appropriate information on the patients positioning. This information is automatically transferred to the electronic nursing documentation.

Content staff can reduce the physical and mental workload by not only decreasing control and routine tasks, but also reducing the documentation effort. In this way, satisfaction and staff loyalty can be improved.

Additional service possibilities

The system is not tied to your facility. Thus, new services and additional services can be offered.

Additional time for interpersonal attention

The system reduces documentation effort as well as control and routine tasks. This leaves the nursing staff more time for the important tasks in nursing: the people.

Improved privacy

Using the system, patients can be located at any time if necessary - both inside and outside the facility. This helps to reduce the number of checks carried out by the nursing staff.

Improved quality of sleep

By monitoring the positioning intervals, unnecessary nightly repositioning can be avoided - for a better quality of sleep for the patients.

Perfectly integrated into your system.

The moio Cloud stands for data privacy.

The moio sensor module continuously evaluates the data of its wearer. If necessary, it transmits the relevant information to the moio Cloud. This is done via a separate secure area of the mobile network. Only data of the functions that have been specifically activated are transmitted. The moio Cloud thereupon notifies the responsible caregivers via their mobile devices. If desired, the data can also be transmitted to your electronic care documentation or another application you use. A connection to the call system is also possible. You are free to choose how best to integrate the system into your inpatient care facility.

Graphic about the data transmission for the System for inpatient care

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